Armed Security

Our armed officers undergo drug screening and an extensive background hiring process to assure our clients they will have nothing less than reliable-sure armed officers guarding their location. All our armed officers complete the state’s requirements of the Basic Security Training Course LEVEL 3.

Unarmed Security

All our officers complete the state’s requirements of the basic security training course level two. All officers have the skills to handle most any breech of security, and all officers undergo drug screening and extensive background / criminal checks.

Mobile Patrol

Our patrol services are customized to meet your needs. Our personnel are trained to support our clients in a variety of ways. We provide dedicated patrol or temporary coverage. Our service can Include; response to emergency situations, conduct safety and fire watch, Vehicle patrols, foot or bicycle patrols and parking lot checks. The purpose is to deter vandalism, theft and trespassers on the client’s property. All Emergencies are coordinated with local law enforcement, should the need arise.

Background/Private Investigations

Our investigators are licensed by the state and will commit to your investigative needs in a confidential and professional manner. Southern Comfort Security offers thorough background screening services for individuals and businesses.

For the information you need on criminal background checks, previous employments, prior address verification, misdemeanors or felonies, contact Southern Comfort Security, we can help.

What Do We Do?

Private Security. We have both, armed and unarmed officers to handle several aspects of your private security.
Private investigations.
Cyber Crime Security.
Cyber Crime Investigations.

Apartments Security

Depending upon the contract, our officers will handle guest in/out entry, identify all persons on foot and monitor and secure all parking areas, and protect the safety of all patrons on said properties.

Warehouse Security

Our officers patrol the surrounding areas on foot, bicycle or golf cart for suspicious activity or persons. All areas are secured after hours and officers monitor cameras, buildings, and surrounding areas to prevent trespassing, loitering and vandalism. In case of emergency, the necessary local law enforcement agency is contacted as needed.

Hotel Security

Our officers are trained in guest relations, greeting guest and lobby monitoring for security breech. They also make sure there are no disturbances on the interior or exterior of the building, and all parking lots are secure and safe at night.

Church Security

Our officers protect and secure all patrons and church properties as needed. Our officers control the traffic, keep all loiterers from interfering with church business and visitors to the church. They also protect the church’s property and numerous parking facilities from vandalism.

Construction Security

All officers will identify contractors during work hours, control work site entry points and report all suspicious persons or activity to the on-site manager. In emergencies the local law enforcement agency will be called. After hours, all suspicious activity is noted or handled with police assistance as needed.
General terms

Employees of private security companies are generally referred to either as “security guards” or “security officers”, depending on the laws of the state or country they operate in. Security companies themselves are sometimes referred to as “security contractors”, but this is not common due to confusion with private military contractors, who operate under a different auspice.

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